Glide scooter Egypt Warranty for all owners | Glide


This warranty issued by Tredco Mobility guarantees the First Owner of this vehicle that the vehicle is free from any manufacturing faults or defects and is fit for appropriate use and service.

A 12 month warranty against defects or manufacturing faults from the date of purchase and it obliges the company to replace and/or fix any parts that fail or work faultily through one of the company’s service centers.

The warranty starts on the date of purchase on the condition that the original (as issued by the company) invoice or proof of purchase AND the certificate of warranty are presented.

The warranty is VOID in case the certificate of warranty is not presented or if any alterations or writing performed on it

When a part is replaced, it is within the company’s right to take the old/faulty part whether within the duration of warranty or after it ends.

This warranty does not give its holder the right to exchange the vehicle for another one.

This warranty does not cover:

    Servicing outside the company’s service centers
    Using unoriginal spare parts
    Fixing or exchanging parts needed after a collision or misuse of the vehicle
    Plastic parts, tires or lights
    Not following instructions of use or maintenance of the vehicle